The kitchen floor’s been grouted, for the most part, so we brought in the equipment that we didn’t need desperately at Current Feast.  I estimated we’d get it done in about three hours, since there were six of us.  Seven and a half hours and a mild sunburn later, we were finished.  Just enough time […]

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free refills

Remember how the concrete floated the trench drains up above the level of the rest of the floor?  They’re fixing that now.

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sidewalk Sunday

Monday morning the pouring begins again; this time there will be sidewalks.  I foolishly forgot to take photos of the equipment we liberated (and purchased) from my kind brother.  Cuvee will live on  in Tucson both in the kitchen (an oven, a sink, a couple of refrigerators and a freezer, plus lots of pots and […]

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no rest(rooms) for the weary

I hate to generalize, but again, there are distinct divisions between the personalities of the numerous trades working on this project.  The plumbers: gregarious fellows.  they’re in and out multiple times throughout the process, take pride in their work, and are happy to chat it up.  Painters:  serious but engaging.  Electricians: cautious but friendly; it’s […]

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hammer time

This is a jackhammer.  It’s a tool that’s normally used for demolition rather than construction.  It turns out, however, that when our friends poured concrete into the holes that the trench drains were set into, the concrete didn’t behave as it should.  Rather than give the drains a cozy spot to settle into, it floated […]

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It only took these guys three hours to get this sign in place.  Here they are putting the “t” up.  The sign, as you can see, is large.  I said it before, and I’ll say it again:  after nine years of people saying, “where are you, exactly?” I feel confident that you’ll be able to […]

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cut me a switch

Our friends the electricians are close to bidding us a fond farewell.  The outlets are installed, the switches are in; now we just need electricity.

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sign o’ the times, part III

The first sign went up yesterday, and when I went by at 6:30 this morning, regrettably sans camera, they were starting in on the other one.  I’m headed back over now to see the progress.

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sign o’ the times, part II

I love the great big signs going up, but this one was already made, and really affordable.  Granted, it doesn’t really do much for business, but I find it has a subtle charm all its own.

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