Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!

There were no dignitaries present, but while six of us were dragging equipment up Speedway, another six were dissembling the wine wall so we could pull out the bins today for re-assembly down the street.  Many thanks to those of you who came and stocked your cellars at our wine sale, and to those of […]

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late, late

Last night, we finished off our last night at Old Feast, formerly known as Current Feast, with about eight truckloads of equipment hauling.  There were six of us, four trucks and two trips.  Not my ideal evening after a fourteen-hour day, mostly because it brought the total to seventeen, but my bad back gave me […]

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wait, wait

Ron got one and a half more waiters’ stations installed on Sunday, and I helped, despite his protestations, and my back seems to have survived the experience.  Kathy’s back seems okay, too (she happened to be there grouting the last of her tile, and was inducted into service.

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project: progector

If you’ve been reading along, you may recall a uppity little rant about the spelling of the word projector.  I am now willing to turn a blind eye toward said spelling, because it just looks so damn nice.  It’s only a matter of time before pharmaceutical reps and their presentations, or rehearsal dinner guests and […]

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de stijl

There are now stripes in our parking lot, as well as ADA parking, which is something our landlord never believed in, or at least he never jumped on the bandwagon fully.  There have been days where I’d hoped he’d at least jump under the bandwagon, in which case he may well have ended up a […]

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the waiters’ station (1 of 3)

Ron’s been moving tirelessly forward, and he has miles to go before he sleeps.  The bars are built but need to be filled, sanded, stained and sealed;  the waiters’ stations are built but not all installed, though you can see here he’s getting close; then he’s got sinks to install in the waiters’ stations, and […]

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queen of diamonds

Yesterday, the painters set down their rollers and brushes and walked, blank-eyed, into the dining room, drawn by a mysterious force.  I felt like I was in The Manchurian Candidate, such was their determination and their other-worldliness.  It turns out they sensed the arrival of the beer cooler.  Wow.  These guys were amazing.  Once they […]

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whole lot of love, part II

  Oh, Victor.  Feast’s current landlord is a man whom I would not regard as free-spending.  When the roof leaks in the same spot in the kitchen every monsoon season, Victor first tells me that because I bought and replaced the faulty cooler that used to be there, that I need to pay for the […]

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grout. and out.

The tile in the restrooms is finally in the home stretch, and if I may say so, it’s quite charming.  A little detail goes a long way.

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