Gathering momentum. Kind of.

It’s looking pretty sharp over at the new location.  The exterior framing’s done and our plumber friends have begun  moving things along inside.  Last week’s progress appeared dramatic, but mostly because it’s so visible from the street.  This week, all the progress will happen either in the great indoors, or in the great back yard.  […]

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110 in the shade

Yes, you can see the Bashful Bandit from the private dining room.   We’ve met our new neighbors, and I must say, they’re already off on a way better foot with us than the people in the Scottsdale office of Discount Tire.  But there’s something very special about this photo.  You may notice something you’ve not […]

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Carpenters get all the credit

I feel sorry for the masons, because up to this point, no one has really even mentioned the building, aside from calling it a construction site, but after only a few days of carpentry, Feast is starting to take on the appearance of a builidng.  Here are a couple of snap shots.

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Our new friend

We have a new friend by the name of Hektic.  We know he (or she, but I’m betting on  he) likes Feast, because he stopped by to pay us a visit and left us an autograph.

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Our future neighbors

At long last, the walls began to go up.  After months of squabbling with Discount Tire’s corporate headquarters, we struck a deal:  they’d move their drainpipe, plumbing and signage to allow us to build right up against them.  This will allow us enough parking (more than twice what we have now) and will keep their […]

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A month or so ago, our sad little lot began its transformation.  Not yet out of the ground, we came to find that building, even in this time when both real estate and contractors are economical and plentiful , is expensive.  Move your transformer?  Sure, says TEP.  That’ll be $8000 to loop it to the […]

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The spot we picked

Last September, after three years of nearly buying a building, we finally bought one.  It was not particularly attractive.   It had been the home of a Der Weinerschnitzel, where a Swiss friend had been deeply disappointed to discover the difference between the dish called Weinerschnitzel she’d had at  home and what our American interpretation proved […]

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