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Hello, dear ones.
I don’t know what cosmic shift has upended this day, but it’s kooky around here, and if you look behind the curtain, it’ll be decidedly less impressive than it is from your vantage point. People are coming and going, some afflicted with pain and misery and some with exciting new developments in their lives. We’ve got catered events changing days on us at the last minute. We’ve got a mysterious sudden disappearance of suppliers of blue corn meal. A dishwasher who’s only as absent as he usually is. But we’re soldiering on despite what drama there is, and that means you’re getting an email from me. Yes, there’s a wine tasting this Saturday, as per usual, though Kevin may well be laid up so you may be stuck listening to me or Megan offering descriptions of the wines with, shall we say, broader strokes and fewer jokes. The theme: Stranger than Fiction– offbeat varietals, this Saturday at 2 pm. We hope you’ll join us.

And a mere two weeks away, we’ll be hosting another wine dinner, this one with Lisa d’Adamo of Folio Wine Partners and five of her wines from far-flung places. Take a look at the menu here:

And if that’s not enough, we’ve been corning beef for over three weeks now, and if you’re in the mood for some soft and tender, unctuous brown beef and not the red rubbery stuff that’s swimming in nitrates and saltpeter, St. Patrick’s Day lands on Sunday this year, and we’ll be ready for it. I do hesitate to make any claims, since despite our best efforts and thirty pounds more crawfish than last year, we let some of you down on Mardi Gras, but we’re making every effort to supply you with all the corned beef and cabbage you’ll require. And for those of you we disappointed on Fat Tuesday, please know that our intention is to make it up to you by putting crawfish etouffee on the menu for three solid months come April. We hope that’ll help. Meanwhile, come grab some corned beef and cabbage this Sunday.

Doug and all your friends at Feast

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