my minor obsession with lanterns

I worry that I fall into these traps:  the obsession with the many holes of Feast, for example, or the whole Paul Revere lantern thing.  I fear this is getting pretty boring, but I can’t help myself.  How can you look at our new lanterns and not think about the midnight ride of Paul Revere?  […]

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a sink in a blink

Yesterday I scattered sinks around Feast like a sink elf.  Or a sink gnome.  Or like the Johnny Appleseed of plumbing.  Today I arrived to discover them mounted to the wall wherever I left them, as if a sink gnome had come and installed them.  Or an elf.  You get the picture.

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cool as a cucumber

Maybe the refrigeration guy can’t see the new curbs, but it looks like the new wine room ought to maintain a comfy 57 to 60 degrees, just like that cellar in France that your bottle of wine came from.  Here’s the unit that makes it all happen.

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The concrete’s coming so fast and furiously that a couple of extruded curbs hardly seems worth noting.  In fact, today, the guy installing the refrigeration unit in the new wine room managed not to note the new curbs at all.  The good news:  he was not stuck; the bad: I think his employer might be […]

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light in august

Apart from being one of my favorite books of all time, yesterday, we had just that:  Light.  In August.  On August 31st, some uncomfortably warm people from Tucson Electric Power powered us up, as it were, and while there isn’t much to shine upon yet, it makes the beholding a whole lot easier.

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spelling bea

It’s not a quality I’m particularly proud of, or I should say, a quality of which I’m particularly proud, but I can be a bit of a nitpicker on the spelling front.  So when I was admiring this box of wires, I noticed and was compelled to make a snarky comment about the wire labeled, […]

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The really huge storm the weekend before last slowed us down, but this weekend’s storms were apparently small potatoes for TEP, who was on site bright and early today to install our transformer.  The meter comes tomorrow, and things should start falling into place shortly thereafter.

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bar back/back bar/bar backing

The plumbers will hit the ground running again on Monday, so Ron, the carpenter we all love and admire, came in on Saturday to get the bar ready for the sinks they’ll be installing.  First, plywood: we can screw the sinks into it at any point.  No hunting for studs.  Then, FRP, which, as we […]

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counter service

While the bar at Feast bears great promise (Welcome, David and Don, to the bartending and table waiting staff of Feast), there’s always that issue of sitting at the bar: if there are more than two of you, you’re craning your neck like Nadia Comenici just to talk to your friends.  Problem solved: New Feast […]

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