Fattening up your Fat Tuesday

Hello, Feastlings.
I didn’t grow up Catholic, and I’m not now either, but doggone it if I don’t love what Catholicism, and religion in general, has done for food and art and architecture. Lent begins tomorrow, and today people all over the world are carrying on like they have to begin behaving for the next forty days. Our small contribution to living it up today is this: we’ve made a massive batch of crawfish etouffee.

And while it may be the last day before you buckle down and start making sacrifices, if the thing you’ve chosen to forego isn’t some sort of food, today is the first day of the March menu here at Feast. Yes, there’s still a month left of lobster, corn and scallion bread pudding, so that ought to keep people happy for a bit longer. Meanwhile, though, there are new dishes to discover as well- root vegetables with celtuce (yes, that’s a thing,) spare ribs, new chicken and duck dishes, and a grapefruit-buttermilk cake with avocado-cucumber sorbet. And after much scolding and lamenting from a vociferous fan club, we brought back the Exploradora as well. You can see the whole menu and its various details here.

And if it’s not wine you’ve given up until Easter, you may want to consider a visit this Saturday for our wine tasting.

Whatever the case, we hope you’ll find a reason to come visit soon.

Thanks, from all your buddies at Feast.

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