Well, at least there are crawdads.

Dear kind Feastlings,
We know that everyone’s living in crazy, stressful times. Politics are out of control, we went from winter to summer in about four days, and tax day is around the corner. Whatever might be getting you down, though, if you’re like me, healthy or not, you get some solace from food. And you like things that are new and exciting, but you’re fond of old friends as well. Today, as it happens, is the first Tuesday of the month, and consequently we begin the April menu today, so we’re offering both old friends and new, fresh dishes.
I know we disappointed more than a few of you when throngs of people descended upon us on Fat Tuesday and cleaned us out of crawfish etouffee by 7:00 pm, so partly by way of apology and party because we all just plain love it, we’re putting it on the menu for three solid months, beginning today. There’s your old friend. As for new and exciting, there are more than a few new dishes on the menu as of today- a refreshing house-made ricotta wrapped in cantaloupe and beet-cured sea bass, a new salad, a new sandwich, beef tartare and new entrees and desserts too numerous to mention here, but you can find them here if you like.é

We’ll also take this moment to note that while Kevin is on the mend and here intermittently, he’s still gradually easing himself back into things and we’ve got our friend Luke Anable here this Saturday to open up four wines from Jose Pastor Selections, all wines from Spain and Portugal. Here’s the scoop on that one.

Tax day or not, stressful news or not, and a summer too quickly approaching or not, at least we can offer food and drink to soothe you, so join us when you will and know that we appreciate your kind support.

See you soon.

Doug and everyone here at Feast

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