Are you a takeout place, or can I dine at your restaurant?

Feast opened as a carryout restaurant and has since moved to a new location to accommodate guests dining with us. We have a 110-seat restaurant and a wine bar, including a private dining room and a wine shop. However, we still offer our entire menu for takeout.  You can make reservations by calling (520) 326-9363 or right here.

Can you accommodate my dietary restrictions?

Feast offers a handful of vegetarian dishes and a number of gluten-free options as well as diabetic-friendly choices. If you’re vegan, keep kosher or have other dietary restrictions, please contact us a day or two before joining us so we can discuss your needs with you and prepare a special meal.

Is Feast child-friendly?

Our menu doesn’t usually offer much in the way of child-friendly food, but we can put together a simple grilled cheese sandwich, or, if our current menu has a pasta selection, pasta with butter or cheese. We have a high chair and a booster seat, and while we respect our younger guests, most people find that more venturesome young diners enjoy Feast more than their more cautious counterparts. We do ask that parents be aware that other guests are paying to enjoy an evening out as well as you are, and that your child and his or her behavior is your responsibility.

Can you accommodate my large party or special event?

We have a private dining room which can accommodate thirty to fifty guests, depending on the seating arrangements you require and on whether you need to use our audiovisual equipment.  We’re equipped to handle laptop-based presentations (or just bring a flash drive and use our computer) and CDs, DVDs or iPods, all on a separate channel in our private dining room.  If you have any questions about booking a private party, please contact our catering director at (520) 326-9363, or by email at catering@eatatfeast.com.

What did you do with the dish I loved so much?

We change our menu each month, so dishes at Feast come and go, but there are two things you should know: first, we take requests in the summer, so you can ask us to make your favorite dish again and we’ll happily accommodate as many requests as we can each week, all summer long; and second, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. The more we hear people asking for a dish to return to the menu, the sooner we bring it back.

Will you donate to my charity or charitable event?

Feast is a proud contributor to many organizations in our community. A staff committee meets every two months to review the numerous donation requests and decide how our donation budget will be allocated. To have your request reviewed, please submit it at least 6 months in advance of your event. This way we can budget our donations to accommodate as many organizations as we can.


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