Turns out it was good ones.

Hi, Feastlings.
You may recall that last week, I couldn’t recall whether it was good things or bad ones that happen in threes. Turns out that at the very least, regarding our wine events, it was good ones. Kevin was chock full of charm on Saturday at his regular weekly gig, Andy Ramirez was a giant among men on Sunday at the Last Sunday tasting, and Joanie Karapetian knocked it out of the proverbial park last night at the Rosenthal Wine Merchant dinner last night.
Let’s see, then, if we can cobble together three more reasons Feast could brighten up your week this week. Saturday at 2, Kevin will have four red blends open, and it’s a mere $12.50 plus tax and tip to join us for that.

Tuesday, as it happens, is Fat Tuesday, where we have for several years now simmered up a batch of our most serious crawfish etouffee. So there’s that. But that’s not all Tuesday holds for you. Our March menu will begin on Tuesday, too, so consider joining us for that, even if you regard crawfish as mudbugs.

Lastly, which maybe makes this the fourth thing, I’ll be dragging myself from a warm bed tomorrow morning so that I can go encourage people to donate their hard-earned cash to something near and dear to my heart, Arizona Public Media. As usual, I’ll bring a few gift certificates along, so anyone who donates during the hour I’m on NPR tomorrow, from 7 to 8 am, will be entered in a drawing to win one of them. Hey, it could cover the cost of your donation.

Thanks, as always, for all your kind support, and we’ll see you soon for one reason or another.

Your friend,
Doug. Plus everyone else here at Feast.

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