Lunch & Dinner

Feast’s menu changes on the first Tuesday of each month, and remains the same for both lunch and dinner, as well as in between. This keeps our menu seasonally appropriate and offers up the freshest ingredients possible at the height of their season. We hope this also keeps it interesting. It’s our hope that if we’re excited about the menu, you’ll be excited as well.

April takeout-only menu

The May menu begins the first Tuesday in May, but by now you’re aware that things will just plain change at random intervals for a while.  Dishes with the § symbol are available in cryovac packaging for longer storage and boil-in-bag convenience.  Simply boil water, reduce heat to simmer the water, and drop in the bag for about six minutes.  Remove, open, plate and enjoy.  We offer this menu for curbside pickup or delivery.  Delivery is available free within a four-mile radius, for $5 in a four- to seven-mile radius, and for $10 within a seven- to ten-mile radius.  See the bottom of our home page for upcoming delivery runs to areas outside our normal area to a hub near you.


Just Getting Started

Spinach artichoke dip, served with toasted pita chips.  ◊

Lobster, corn and scallion bread pudding with Parmesan cream sauce.

Today’s soup
cup 5                    bowl 8.5


Greenery and Other Salads

Mixed green salad with heirloom cherry tomatoes, shaved red onion and your choice of dressing~ Balsamic vinaigrette ◊  grapefruit-poppyseed dressing ◊ honey-vanilla dressing ◊ strawberry citronette ◊

Sesame chicken salad~ roasted chicken breast, tossed in a mildly spicy sesame-tamari dressing with carrots, peppers, sugar snap peas and sesame seeds. Served over mixed greens.  ◊

Grilled fennel salad~ Sliced grilled fennel, golden raisins and Kalamata olives with lemon juice.  Served over mixed greens.  ◊

Salad of house-smoked trout, watermelon and avocado served over mixed greens tossed with grapefruit-poppy seed dressing. ◊

Next to Your Dinner

Charred sweet potatoes, with sesame oil, fish sauce, green onion, cashews, radish, lime, pickled onion, mint and cilantro.  ◊

Grilled asparagus with citrus aioli.  ◊

Carrot risotto with pickled cauliflower. ◊


Between Bread

Feast grilled cheese~ seared Halloumi cheese, honey-roasted eggplant, tomato and red onion on a French roll. Served with mixed greens.

Shaved porchetta~ slow-cooked pork loin and belly, thinly sliced and served on French bread with melted fresh mozzarella, fresh arugula and salsa verde aioli. Served with mixed greens.

Pan Bagnat~ oil-poached tuna on a French roll with hard-cooked eggs, anchovies, roasted red peppers, capers, fresh basil and romaine. Served with mixed greens.


The Main Thing

Vegetable curry~ house-made yellow curry with sweet peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, and red and green onion.  Served with jasmine rice. § ◊

With shrimp §  ◊ 22

Pan-roasted koji-rubbed chicken breast with sherried oyster mushrooms, poached garlic and asparagus.  Served with roasted potatoes and kale in aioli.  ◊

Chicken Cacciatore~ braised chicken with aromatic vegetables, tomatoes and wild mushrooms. Served with garlic bread. § 19

Sautéed Alaskan halibut, served over fried rice with sweet potatoes, green onion and cashews. Served with a salad of radish, lime, mint, cilantro and pickled onion in sesame oil and fish sauce.  ◊

Crawfish Etouffée~ Crawfish tails simmered with vegetables in a rich and spicy sauce.  Served over rice. §

Grilled pork loin, served with lemon-horseradish butter,  house-made sauerkraut, smoked plums and bacon fat new potatoes.  * ◊ §

Boeuf Bourguignonne~ Classic dish of beef braised in red wine with mushrooms, onion and bacon.  Served with herb-and-butter new potatoes. §

Grilled boneless lamb loin with roasted citrus, Swiss chard, fresh mint and tarragon.  Served with hash brown potatoes and demiglace.  *  ◊

Today’s special(S)

Sweet Potato Chilaquiles~ tortilla casserole layered with sweet potatoes, tomatillos, poblano peppers, onions, cilantro and Monterey Jack cheese.  Served with mixed greens. ◊   14

Matzo ball soup with chicken and vegetables. Kosher-style for Passover.

5/ cup          8.5/bowl

Sea bass and salmon gefilte fish terrine with horseradish and lemon. Kosher-style for Passover.

26/ pound

Spanish-style braised beef brisket with herbed potatoes and broccolini.


Today’s soup is cream of chickpea and vegetable. ◊

Today’s ice cream is banana-mango with toasted coconut. ◊

dishes available for our friday, april 10 westside delivery run

For information about our Westside delivery run, check here.

Linguine and meatballs~ Linguine pasta in tomato sauce with pork-and-beef meatballs, and Parmesan cheese.

Spanish-style braised beef brisket with herbed potatoes and broccolini. § ◊ Kosher-style for Passover.

Matzo ball soup with chicken and vegetables. Kosher-style for Passover.
5/ cup          8.5/bowl


Espresso panna cotta with walnut shortbread cookies. ◊

Individual dark chocolate-Bourbon cake with white pepper-cream cheese frosting and cardamom-spiced orange.

Exploradora~ Girl Scout cookie shortbread crust with cayenne caramel custard, salted chocolate ganache and smoked paprika.  Candied hazelnut garnish.
9.5 (a portion benefits the Girl Scouts)

Lemon Roulade with sweet pistachio-basil pesto.

Buttermilk-cardamom banana cream pie.

Ice cream we made here ◊

Chocolate truffle cookies
.80 each


◊ items marked with this symbol can be prepared gluten-free.

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

§ items marked with this symbol are available in a vacuum-sealed pouch.

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