Lunch & Dinner

Feast’s menu changes on the first Tuesday of each month, and remains the same for both lunch and dinner, as well as in between. This keeps our menu seasonally appropriate and offers up the freshest ingredients possible at the height of their season. We hope this also keeps it interesting. It’s our hope that if we’re excited about the menu, you’ll be excited as well.

July menu

Here’s the July menu; the August menu begins the first Tuesday in August.  We’re currently open for dine-in with seating available from 4 pm to 8 pm, Tuesday through Sunday.  We’ll open the dining room for lunch as soon as we’re able. Takeout continues to be available from 11 am until 8 pm.

Just Getting Started

Rye flour gnocchi, tossed with confit of rabbit, fresh spinach, chicken livers and poached lemon peel.

Grilled orange-brined octopus, served over gigante beans with tomato concassé, orange peel, sumac and fried opal basil . ◊

Summer vegetable tart~ pâte brisée shell filled with house-made ricotta, summer squashes, Feast garden herbs and fenugreek-lemon oil.

Today’s soup
cup 5                    bowl 8.5

Greenery and Other Salads

Mixed green salad with heirloom cherry tomatoes, shaved red onion and your choice of dressing~ Balsamic vinaigrette ◊  sweet corn vinaigrette ◊ herb oil and olive vinegar ◊ tarragon-mustard dressing * ◊

Koji-rubbed mackerel, sautéed and served over tarragon-mustard potato salad and butter lettuce. Potato chip garnish.  ◊

Burrata salad~ burrata cheese, heirloom tomatoes and grilled nectarines with grilled-sourdough breadcrumbs, herb oil, house-infused olive vinegar.  Served over mixed greens.

Skirt steak salad~ marinated grilled and chilled skirt steak, charred sweet peppers, cipolline onions and kohlrabi, tossed in a sweet corn vinaigrette and served over Little Gem lettuces.  ◊

Next to Your Dinner

Pickled peach sticky rice with nasturtiums. ◊

Saag paneer- creamed spinach and mustard greens with house-made cheese curd- with pineapple and garlic pakoras.  ◊

Beluga lentil salad with Sherry vinaigrette, tomatoes and red onion.

Between Bread

Feast grilled cheese~ seared Halloumi cheese, honey-roasted eggplant, tomato and red onion on a French roll. Served with mixed greens.

Chicken flatbread~ Grilled cinnamon-cardamom brined chicken, preserved lemon, lovage and fromage blanc on house-made pita.  Served with mixed greens.

Carnitas~ braised pork with jalapeño, fresh cilantro, pickled onion and cotijo cheese, pressed on a white roll.  Served with mixed greens.

The Main Thing

Roasted red pepper spoonbread, wrapped in Swiss chard and served with grilled artichoke hearts and green beans.  Served with shaved sheep’s milk cheese and arugula pesto.

Poussin with lentils and lentils~ half a bird, crusted with ground red lentils and fried, and served over beluga lentil salad in Sherry vinaigrette with tomatoes and red onions. Served with turnip greens and chili-yogurt sauce.  ◊

Sautéed Arctic Char, pistachio-crusted, with buttermilk consommé, purple potatoes, quick-pickled cucumber, sea beans and opal basil.  ◊

Pork osso buco~ braised pork shank served over saag paneer with pineapple and garlic pakoras, with a tamarind glaze.

Grilled flatiron steak, garlic-and-onion rubbed and served with pearl mushroom bureka, chili oil and garlicky broccolini.

Seared Long Island duck breast, served over pickled peach sticky rice with nasturtiums, Russian honey cake croutons and a peach nectar-brown butter sauce. ◊

Mussels, clams, and lobster with curry leaf. Served over savory French toast with cultured butter, lime marmalade and seasoned egg yolk.  *

Today’s special(S) for carry out

Quart of lavender lemonade (four 8-oz glasses or two pints.) ◊

Half gallon of lavender lemonade (eight 8-oz glasses or four pints.)

Shrimp and scallop ceviche with fresh cilantro, sweet and hot peppers, tomato, cucumber, and lime, corn tortilla chips.

Crispy duck salad~ mixed greens tossed with fresh grapes and goat cheese in a maple vinaigrette with crispy fried duck.

Fried shrimp roll-Mexican white shrimp, breaded and fried and served on a top split bun with a spicy cucumber, bell pepper, and fennel slaw.

Today’s soup is a vegetarian chilled asparagus soup. ◊

Today’s ice cream is cherry. ◊

Today’s breads and pastries

House levain-white and wheat blend.

House levain-white and wheat blend with oil cured olives and rosemary baked in.

Cartoonishly large brown butter triple chocolate chip pecan cookie.

Lemon-ricotta cake with caramel crème anglaise.

Angel food cake with lemon whipped cream and a triple berry jam.


Sweet corn sweets~ cornmeal alfajores (caramel sandwich cookies) with sweet corn ice cream.

Roasted strawberry shortcake with whipped cream.

Fondant Baulois~ salted caramel chocolate mousse cake with dandelion caramel crème anglaise.

Verrine~ Lavender dark chocolate mousse layered into a glass with toasted almonds and boozy cherries. ◊

Ice cream we made here ◊

Chocolate truffle cookies
.80 each


◊ items marked with this symbol can be prepared gluten-free.

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

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