Spring a ding ding

Hello, Feastlings.
Whether you and yours are enjoying Spring Break or not, the greater Tucson area seems to be in agreement: Spring has sprung. We’re noticing a number of our regular guests have headed for Vacationland with the kids in tow, and while those of you who have are sipping elsewhere, those of you who’ve committed to some stay-in-town time still have opportunities to partake. Here are a few of them:
This Saturday we’ll be keeping at the tradition of the Saturday two-o’clock tasting, even while Kevin is on the mend, and as such, we’ll have guest stars here on Saturdays until his triumphant return. This Saturday, the 23rd, Mike Galkin of Action Wine and Spirits kicks off the interim tastings with two Oregon whites and two Washington reds. As ever, the price is $12.50 plus tax and tip, and as ever, reservations are a must. It also happens that, as ever, reservations can’t be had through web or email, so give us a call at 326-9363 and we’ll save you a seat.

We have a couple more wine events on the horizon as well. There’s next Saturday’s wine tasting, which remains shrouded in mystery, but the Last Sunday tasting (that’s a week from Sunday, mind you, since the 31st falls on a Sunday) will be themed “You’d never guess: wines you wouldn’t expect from places you wouldn’t have guessed.” That one will offer six wines rather than four, and you’d be hard-pressed to guess what the varietals are based purely on where they come from. What’s more, there’ll be a food pairing with each of the six wines, so the tasting is a bit pricier than the Saturday tastings- $30 plus tax and tip- but I dare say worth every penny. That one will be led by one of our dear friends, Katie Woodcock of the Estates Group. The same rules apply as far as reservations are concerned.

In between those events falls our wine dinner with Lisa d’Adamo of Folio Wine Partners, an event that offers a viticultural trip around the world with fun food pairings alongside the wines. That takes place on Wednesday, March 27, at 6:30 pm. Here’s the menu.

And peppered throughout the month, and the ensuing months for that matter, we continue serving brunch each Sunday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. While we don’t change the brunch menu as often as the lunch and dinner menu, we did just make a few alterations, so here’s the brunch menu for your perusal.

You’ll get another email from us next week, but meanwhile, we hope you have a relaxing Spring Break wherever you are, and that you come visit us when you get a spare moment and feel peckish.


Your friends,
the people of Feast

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