Dear Feastlings,
I know you’re unaccustomed to getting an email from us late in the day on a Friday, but we’ve gotten enough phone calls asking about it that I thought we should let you all know before next Thursday: yes, we’re open on Easter Sunday; yes, we’re serving our regular brunch menu from 10 to 3; yes, we’re serving our regular dinner menu after that; and yes, we’re making a bunch of Easter specials as well. There’ll be no buffet, so if you want scrambled eggs that have been sitting in a chafing dish for forty minutes, or dry rubbery ham from under a heat lamp, you’ll have to go to one of the hotels. But we’ll have some lovely dishes ready to prepare freshly for you the minute you order them here at Feast. Here’s that menu of specials.

See you in two weeks or so.


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