June Menu

It's that time of year again: each summer, we put out a call for requests and then offer a weekly selection of the dishes you asked us to make again. Clink on the link in the menu to see what we're serving in addition to the regular menu this week.

Feast believes every client and every event deserve a custom tailored menu that reflects who they are and shares that feeling with their guests.

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The Bonfires of San Juan

Spanish food and wine to celebrate the Summer Solstice Hello, Feastlings. After a couple of years of offering French dishes and wines for Bastille Day, last year we gave Italy equal time at Ferragosto, and it made sense to ask ourselves: What about Spain?  It turns out there’s a ...

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Our secret weapon(s.)

Dear Feastlings, First, let me thank the few dozen of you who visited us last week. We’re even more delighted than usual to have you here when things slow down and we find ourselves thumb-twiddling and hoping for more to do. For those of you who’ve found cooler ...

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