March 2019

While we've got one more month left of some of our old standbys (we're talking to you, Lobster bread pudding,) March brings us some springy new dishes and a few comfort-food treats as well. It's all made here from scratch, it's delicious, and we're nice here. Come say hello.

Feast believes every client and every event deserve a custom tailored menu that reflects who they are and shares that feeling with their guests.

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You’d never guess.

Did you every get a bottle of wine that you felt sure you knew what you'd be getting, only to discover it was dramatically different from what you thought? These are those wines. In good way, though. In a really good way.

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Your fifth century snake removal specialist

Hello, dear ones. I don’t know what cosmic shift has upended this day, but it’s kooky around here, and if you look behind the curtain, it’ll be decidedly less impressive than it is from your vantage point. People are coming and going, some afflicted with pain and ...

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