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Past Wine

Vive la France

Hello, Feastlings, Since last week was chockablock with American wines as a prelude to Independence Day, it only seemed appropriate to present you with an assortment of French wines with Bastille Day right around the corner.  This week, four French treats suitable for your Bastille Day celebration, be it here at Feast or elsewhere, will […]

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Get savvy about Sauvignon Blanc

Hello, Feastlings. As those of you who’ve remained in Tucson are acutely aware, it’s HOT.  Unpleasantly so.  In an effort to make this overly warm season a bit more tolerable, then, we’ve opted this week to pour something clean, crisp, chilly and refreshing: Sauvignon Blanc.  There’s many an iteration of this wine, and each place […]

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