trash talkin’

It turns out that while you’re opening up a restaurant, you focus on the building, but once you get the opportunity to start cooking, there are certain accoutrements one cannot do without.  One of them is a place to put your garbage.  That arrived on Monday, and we’ve been going full tilt since then.  So […]

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Everything’s at last in its place in the kitchen, with a couple of small exceptions, but we’re getting really, really close.  the dining room still has a way to go.   Look out, Tucson, Feast is nearly open again.  Just a few more days.

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Ernie from Tucson Asphalt arrived yesterday, not realizing that the entire staff of Feast was going to be in and out of the building all day.  He patched a couple of spots and left, vowing to return next Monday when we’re closed, and he gave a horrified look regarding the pigeon feathers.  Next year, I […]

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I don’t know if you saw the junkpile from yesterday’s posts that rivaled Sanford and Son, but now the kitchen looks like a kitchen.  We still have a junkpile out back, as the dumpsters won’t  arrive until Monday, but we’re getting there.

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from on high

I like the roof because I can see all the incoming activity from up there.  I got to watch Phil start in on the sign, fixing the lighting within.  His son met him to help out.  Arnold came to get all of our pilot lights and valves working, and he brought his son as well.  […]

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twenty-first century pony express

The rubber flooring we were supposed to get for the wine room was supposed to arrive Tuesday.  then it was supposed to arrive Thursday.  When it still wasn’t here Friday morning, I told them to forget it; we’d just fill the wine room with a bare concrete floor.  Wait, they said, what if we can […]

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meanwhile, back at the ranch

There’s been so much activity at New Feast that we haven’t brought you up to speed on Old Feast in a while.  Turns out it’s empty, and while I hope some other pleasant neighborhood restaurant moves in, I can’t say that it looks promising, especially now.  We had a few people stroll through: a sweet […]

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Megan’s mind

There’s a joke among the waitstaff- when you can’t find a bottle of wine, either physically or in the computer, we tell each other to think like Megan.  Even as we were packing, I remember looking for a wine in the bins numbered 1050 and above, and Megan saying, “no, that’s in the 750s now; […]

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under cover of night

I’m glad this is happening in September and not July, because it actually cooled off enough last night that we could haul all our wine over without risking its integrity.  Three trailer loads and eleven of us got it done in only about three hours.

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