Gang aft agley

Dear, dear Feastlings,
Every time i think we’ve all gotten the hang of whatever this new normal is we’ve all agreed upon (against our will, mind you,) something teaches me that entropy is still running the show here. And I was going to mention something about the best laid plans of mice and men- clearly, I AM referencing it, so I looked up To a Mouse, the Robert Burns poem the phrase comes from, and discovered that I can only comprehend a fraction of it. Or I should say: I only understand a fraction of the words. The message is loud and clear, and it might give us all a better day if we take a minute, enjoy great poem, and try to give the past and the future a little break from lingering in our heads and just stay in the present for a tiny, mousie bit. Here’s a link if you’re in a Robert Burns-y mood.

Why this even came up is that, well, the best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men went agley today, or yesterday, really. I evidently bit off not only more than I could chew but more than various administrators at Diamond Children’s Hospital could chew, and since the meals we planned on donating this Friday were going to multiple locations, i.e. hospital and clinics both, it required some back and forth between people who were already a bit steeped in the business of running hospitals and clinics. So while we wait another day or two for figuring, we’ll be moving our delivery run to next Tuesday, a week from today.
The good news is that this affords us the opportunity to get our sea legs on the new menu, which begins today.

Rumaki, I love you, and I want to give you the attention you so richly deserve. Ditto smoky farro pudding (which was actually requested for summer requests and we were reminded how much we loved it and so brought it back for an extended engagement. There’s some other new stuff too- a loose interpretation of okonomiyaki, a smoked trout sandwich, shrimp crepes, and a hanger steak- so if you find yourself peckish while you’re living in the present, you can give us a call at 326-9363 and we’d be delighted to feed you today.
Pushing the Diamond Children’s Medical Center delivery to next Tuesday also gives us a chance to get ready for not one but TWO zoom wine tastings this weekend, both of which are preludes to our special Ferragosto menu on August 15th. What’s with the tastings and the special menu? Here are some links to tell you:

Saturday’s tasting of Italian wines:

Italian assumptions

Sunday’s tasting of wines from serious producer Avignonesi:

Your new Not Last Sunday wine tasting

And the reason we’re tasting all this Italian wine, Ferragosto:

Ferragosto specials

And as for those best laid schemes and the wee, sleeket, cowran, tim’rous beastie, you’ll see a post soon about our delivery to the people treating the children of Tucson, COVID-stricken or otherwise, in the next day or two. Meanwhile, try not to backward cast your e’e on prospects drear, or do too much guessing and fearing what’s forward though you canna see.

Your friend who’s feeling grateful for a good old-fashioned poem, and trying to keep his mind off the past and the future,

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