Dear Feastlings,
We’re walking a fine line through this pandemic. Half the time, I feel like with the apocalypse nigh, it warrants drinking the good stuff, and I’ll find myself pulling out a bottle that normally sticks its little neck out while my hand pauses over it, then passes. And there’s nothing wrong with that.
The other half of the time, I wonder if I’ll ever be able to afford a nice bottle again, and I reach for the economical stuff. The good news is this: there’s a bit of a Venn diagram happening here, and today will offer you the chance to taste four wines that are both good and affordable. Here’s the story on the wines, and you still have time to grab a set of samples, stroll home, crank up the air conditioner and pretend that for a fleeting moment, everything is okay.

A Mediterranean summer

The zoom meeting number for the tasting is 927 1814 8190.  The password is 296586.
And, while it’s not posted yet, there’ll be TWO tastings next weekend, all bursting with Italianate flavors. Which it’s hard not to do, as all the wines hail from Italy next week, both Saturday and Sunday, in preparation for Ferragosto, the Feast of the Assumption on August 15th. Here’s a menu of specials we’re making that day:

Ferragosto specials

And soon enough you’ll be told about the wines for both tastings next week, the second of which, on Sunday at 3:30, will have paired snacks sent home with you alongside the double-size tastes of wine. So be ready for that. You’ll also be told about the August menu, which begins on Tuesday (not today, even though it’s August- we need a Monday to get all the prep done,) and about the donation delivery run we’re doing next Friday to the staff at two different Diamond Children’s Hospital locations. The information is all forthcoming, at which point so too will I be. Meanwhile, I’ll see you at the tasting in about three hours, I hope.
Your buddy in slightly increased wine consumption,

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