pipe dream

The fire suppression fellow came yesterday to pipe  our system for the ovens, grills and fryers with which we’ve packed the kitchen.  I’m amazed that John, the Venture West project manager for Feast, has more hair than I do, because the odds and ends relating to the equipment (“uh-oh, this is a cheese melter, not […]

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do, re, mi

Wow, does Ron do some beautiful work.  The bar is nearing completion and after the past two days, we’re all ready to belly up to it.  Sunday was a sixteen-hour marathon, followed by an easy thirteen-hour day yesterday.  But Ron’s bar is already running scales in practice for its siren’s song.

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ire riser

I know when I sit down to dinner, I’m hoping to sit near the FIRE RISER.  It just makes me feel safer somehow.  So when I walked in this morning to this sign, I thought to myself, “well, this will be the table people fight over: the one facing this sign that screams, “SAFETY!”  As […]

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sit. stay.

The banquettes began arriving today, and in order to save time, we couldn’t cut them all to equal sizes, which I hope is not a big deal.  We’ll see if my hopes come true.  It mostly just means there’ll be a skinny bench wedged between two full-sized ones, but I’m hoping people don’t end up […]

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pullin’ up stakes

By midnight, it started to sink in that this was really happening.  The kitchen is in complete disarray, and its guts are now down the street, and the dining room is no longer fit for dining.  It’s time to stop posting all this stuff and get back over there, though, so I leave you for […]

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Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!

There were no dignitaries present, but while six of us were dragging equipment up Speedway, another six were dissembling the wine wall so we could pull out the bins today for re-assembly down the street.  Many thanks to those of you who came and stocked your cellars at our wine sale, and to those of […]

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late, late

Last night, we finished off our last night at Old Feast, formerly known as Current Feast, with about eight truckloads of equipment hauling.  There were six of us, four trucks and two trips.  Not my ideal evening after a fourteen-hour day, mostly because it brought the total to seventeen, but my bad back gave me […]

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wait, wait

Ron got one and a half more waiters’ stations installed on Sunday, and I helped, despite his protestations, and my back seems to have survived the experience.  Kathy’s back seems okay, too (she happened to be there grouting the last of her tile, and was inducted into service.

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project: progector

If you’ve been reading along, you may recall a uppity little rant about the spelling of the word projector.  I am now willing to turn a blind eye toward said spelling, because it just looks so damn nice.  It’s only a matter of time before pharmaceutical reps and their presentations, or rehearsal dinner guests and […]

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