Sooner or later. Or much later.

Hi, Feastlings.
Just a couple of items today, one sooner and one later. The sooner is that there’s still time to order and pick up a beer and cider tasting if you like. A few notes about that:
-the meeting number is 914 5779 3788
-the password is 296586
-Graham Haverfield of B. United (the importer of these fine products) notes that they’ll taste best between 48 and 52 degrees, or essentially five minutes out of the fridge
-he also notes that they’ll taste best in a tulip, or open wine glass. which he does not suggest chilling.
Here’s the skinny on that :

Wine drinkers’ beer and cider, and something that’s even more kooky than that.

The later item still takes place today- orders must be in today if you’re having us send food to a delivery hub near you, either on the east side/northeast, or at our lone west side delivery spot. You have until 7:30 pm to place your order by calling 326-9363. Where are the delivery hubs? I thought you’d never ask:

It’s time for a delivery run to far-flung places again! East and west this week.

What can you order? I actually knew you’d ask that one.


And now that I think of it, there’s one more item that’s even later- we’re making another run of donated food to the hardworking staff of the TMC Emergency Department, COVID unit, and ICU. Here are the details, and any donation you choose to make is greatly appreciated, by both hospital staff and the Feast crew as well:

Circling back- donating meals to the crew of front line healthcare workers at TMC

You have another six days if you want to contribute to that one. But know that a lot of people are grateful for it regardless of when you choose to do it.

Thank you.

Doug and your numerous other friends at Feast

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