Monsoon procrastinatin’

Dear Feastlings,
I admit it freely: I’m not someone who gets things done much before the deadline. I wish I were- my life would be a lot easier were I even a bit more on top of my game, but it’s not to be. I still have yet to write the August menu changes, and only this week will we be discovering whether we’re able to procure everything I want to serve on the upcoming Ferragosto menu (mark August 15 on your calendars, those of you who plan more effectively than I do.)
There’s some shallow consolation in knowing, though, that it’s not just me. Every time we offer delivery to our suburban hubs, I find myself ready to give up and stop offering the deliveries as late as midday on the day before we send them out, and nearly every time, I discover at the eleventh hour how many of you are like me: waiting until the last possible moment to place an order.
With that in mind, here’s a friendly reminder that if you live to the south or southeast, and you don’t feel like driving in what I hope is a downpour tomorrow afternoon, you can still call us today to place your order. The list of delivery hubs and the times we’ll be there with your order can be found here:

South by southeast- delivery to our neighbors at Academy Village, and in Vail, Sahuarita and Green Valley

and the menu is here.

Survey your options and call us by 7:29 pm tonight and we’ll show up in your neighborhood or even at your doorstep tomorrow with something delicious- food, wine- even beer and spirits are up for grabs.
Meanwhile, there’s also still time for any procrastinators to join us for today’s zoom wine tasting at 2:00 pm, a fun amalgamation of varietals you’ve not come to expect to find, let alone get in the US, from South America. You can still pick up tasting samples or even have them delivered if you’re speedy about it. The tasting information is here, including the meeting number and password, but if you fine clicking a link to be taxing (we’re all lethargic and overtaken by ennui these days,) the meeting number is 925 4697 5486, and the password is 296586.
And look at that- I’m getting this email sent before we open at 11:00. That won’t happen again for a while.

Your friend in frantic haste,

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