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Dear Feastlings,
I wouldn’t have guessed even in March that my emails would be including links to the Pima County Health Department’s website,


but there’s all sorts of stuff that none of us would have guessed five months ago that have since come to fruition. I throw you the link to the website to remind you that, while you’re able now to go to restaurants and dine in, and I wholeheartedly support you in the effort of supporting local restaurants regardless of whether I happen to work at them every day, it still doesn’t look like we’ll be seating people in the dining room tomorrow, or likely for another chunk of the foreseeable future. While I do still wish we had a patio, one with broad expanses between comfortable tables, I think even the restaurants with patios will be doing what I expect to be doing this week: drumming my fingers on the repeatedly sanitized bar and thinking of busier days, past or future.
But in case you’re thinking that heating up your kitchen sounds unappealing and sitting outside between the hours of 4 am and midnight even more so, we’re still here, quietly making carryout food and getting ourselves ready for Saturday’s wine tasting.

A Mediterranean summer

We’re also inching closer to a Sunday tasting, and for those of you who’ve joined us more recently than February, the Sunday tastings are different from Saturday tastings. The wines are a bit higher-end, and historically, we’ve served them with food pairings. Not this Sunday but next Sunday, August 9, we’re planning on giving it a go. We normally do it on the last Sunday of the month, but frankly, we’ve missed the tastings, and we’re hungry- and thirsty- for action. So I’m still waiting to hear back a few details from the distributor and the importer, but once I do, there’ll be details posted on the site. Until that point, I’m not sure yet which wines, how much it will cost, or how many wines and snacks there’ll be; it all hinges on the conversation I’m waiting to have. Such is the COVID era: it’s all last minute, all frantic and all under the shadow of the uncertainty that each day brings. So there’s no link for you yet to click and peruse, and no point in asking about it, since we simply don’t know. But doggone it, we’re doing it nonetheless.

I do, however, send you this link, because a dear and regular member of the Feast community sent it to me, saying we should remind you all to vote:


I’m fond of the Weekly, but I must admit that after losing the Best Caterer Category to restaurants that serve their food in aluminum foil pans, I’ve come to realize that maybe our demographics overlap less than they used to, so this may be a moot point, but I send it anyway, because we’re at a point at which getting our name in front of a few extra pair of eyeballs is no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity. And I’d imagine that there are plenty of you who still find themselves with a lot less to do to amuse yourselves than usual, so this should be good for a bit. Think of it as a memory test- you can see if you remember which businesses are your favorites and why you love them, and relive a fond memory.
Please do vote, if not for the reason that you’re voting for your Tucson favorites, then for the reason that you’re practicing voting. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: your politics are your own, and I encourage you to stand for them: vote the way you will, but please do vote.

And grab a bite to eat. Here’s the menu.


A friend who wants you to vote. Please.

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