The waiting game

Good day, Feastlings,
I have a few things yet to post on the website, but I’m still waiting on various and sundry bits of information. it turns out that even though we’ve been living with the pandemic for nearly five months in Tucson, and nearly eight months in the US, we still can’t get sanitizing wipes and we still can’t seem to get information like we could before. So here’s what I don’t have for you yet: we’ll be trying our hand at a Last Sunday-style tasting on a Not Last Sunday: August 9 will bring us Giuseppe Santarelli of Avignonesi, one of my favorite producers in Montalcino, and Dario Soldan, one of my favorite distributors of Italian (and other) wines, and we’ll be tasting abundant pours and eating paired snacks, nearly as if life were normal. But I’m waiting for information on pricing and availability, and to taste a new vintage of one of the wines, so the page on the site for that has yet to exist.
I’m also waiting to hear back from my new friend Linda at Diamond Children’s Medical Center, who, when she hears back from the people SHE’S waiting to hear from, will let me know which couple hundred people at various Diamond Children’s Clinics and Hospital we’ll be feeding next Friday. So I’ll be making a page for that, too, but, like the Avignonesi tasting, it’s in limbo, and for the record, I’m not a fan of limbo.
Meanwhile, here’s what I DO have for you:

-the scoop on tomorrow’s 2:00 pm zoom wine tasting;

-a sneak preview of the Ferragosto menu, a handful of Italian dishes and discounts on Italian wines;

this month’s menu, which remains thus until Tuesday, so strike while the iron is hot;

-our undying love and respect and appreciation of all of you, for helping us get through the biggest challenge Feast has ever had.

More when we hear back from various and sundry people.

Your friend,

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