How a day or two gets away from one.

Dear Feastlings,
Wednesday, it hardly seemed worth it- we were still catching up from Tuesday’s new computer, and the trainer came to show us how to use the new (used) combi oven in the way that someone who does it every day does with a bunch of hicks and rubes, or the way a seven-year-old shows you how to use a brand new piece of technology. My self-esteem was so diminished by then that I barely felt capable of typing a note.
Thursday was wine rep day, followed closely by learn how to delete everything you programmed into the new combi oven day, and by the time I came up for air, it was the dinner hour, so again, no note.
Today, the note comes to you pre-programmed, because we’re spending the morning getting food together for a run to TMC- three COVID units, the Emergency Deparment, the Cath Lab and a few COVID ICUs. So the note is written in advance, going out to you while I run over to TMC with my friend Amy, our catering director who’s had the catering rug pulled out from under her. With some of the surge staff already winding down at TMC, we added the Cath Lab to today’s delivery, and we’re still managing to bring 297 meals over with your help and generosity.

Circling back- donating meals to the crew of front line healthcare workers at TMC

By the time you read this, I’m hoping to be back on my way to Feast getting ready for tomorrow’s zoom wine tasting

South America…with a twist!

and taking the last-minute orders (today’s the last day to order!) for tomorrow’s delivery run to the north and northwest

North by northwest- delivery to our neighbors in Oro Valley, Dove Mountain and Marana

Then tomorrow we’ll have one more day to get ready, taking last-minute orders (tomorrow is the last day to order!) for our delivery run to the south and southeast

South by southeast- delivery to our neighbors at Academy Village, and in Vail, Sahuarita and Green Valley

Give us a call today, at 326-9363. We’d love to hear from you, whether it’s for the tasting, one of the hub deliveries, or just to say hello and maybe grab a snack. For which, here’s a regular menu.


Thanks, everyone.

Your friend,

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