start to finish, day one, part one

At the beginning of the day, it seemed lovely.  Everything was tucked away into its proper place and we felt confident that a big new Feast was going to be a cakewalk.  After twenty loads or so, it became evident that even a hard-working crew like ours does eventually hit a wall.  By the afternoon, […]

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three men meet. nyuk nyuk nyuk.

Yesterday we called our dish machine tech and told him the machine wasn’t working in its new home.  The problem was a simple one: the machine needs the water going into it to be between 120 and 140 degrees.  Ours was topping out at 110.  So we got a visit from one of our favorite […]

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hole-y moley, part one million

Yesterday, we got a hole punched in the dish station, so that we have someplace to scrape the food that people don’t finish.  At the drop of a fork, food becomes garbage, and this, my friends, is our future garbage hole.

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et tu, Dino?

With our convection steamer and our convection oven, which incidentally have never been under an exhaust hood at Old Feast, both red-tagged and disabled for our safety, Anselmo the architect has the task of convincing the fire inspectors that the two pieces of equipment that they approved on the initial plan eight months ago are […]

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Well, it’s happened.  Yesterday, John Berg, Venture West’s project manager, went downtown and came back with our certificate of occupancy.  Not that we’re out of the woods yet, but it’s a very big milestone in my very small world.  We do have a few hiccups: the fire inspector “red-tagged two pieces of equipment for not […]

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forgive them, for they know not what they do

The screen has yet to arrive, so our friend Low-Voltage Louie took a break from setting up our phone system and burglar alarm and set to work on a makeshift screen so we could get the projector going.  It looks really great, despite the impression you get from this photo.  The only bad news was […]

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semi-private dining room

I mentioned yesterday the bit about the doors to the private dining room arriving several inches shy of covering its doorway.  Now I’m considering the idea of semi-private dining, for the economy-minded large party.  Imagine, if you will, a curtain that may simply be drawn around the diners, but which allows them to hear the […]

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a death in the family

Golly.  It’s been so busy what with setup and all that I haven’t even gotten pictures of everything that’s happened, nor have I recovered fully from the drama.  The day before yesterday, the massive freezer that we bought from my brother’s former establishment shuffled off its mortal coil, or, more accurately, had a tiny leak […]

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We have an address now.  I guess we did the whole time, but now we have one you can see.

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