can you draw this turtle? you may be able to earn an engineering degree by mail!

Yesterday the booster pump arrived, and $2700 later, our dishwasher runs about 4 degrees hotter (Fahrenheit).  I can’t say I’m overly excited.  The plumbers and electricians who rooted around for an available circuit throughout the ceiling in the kitchen suggested a recirculation pump for the entire building, which makes me start wondering about what kind […]

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button up your overcoat

The first time our lot was seal coated, there were a few dings and scratches that got missed, so my seal coat buddy Ernie came back out the other day to redo it.  He even painted out a stripe so people would leave access to the SWS parking lot.

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my relationship with new technology

Two weeks ago, which in restaurant opening time feels like 7-10 months ago, a guy came out from Open Table and loaded up a computer for us.  Over the course of an hour and a half, he explained to us pretty much everything this system can do, with three of us watching over his shoulder, […]

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never trust a line cook

  So this is a little quirky:  I was unpacking the office this morning and discovered a bunch of applications clipped together.  Here’s one that caught my eye, and I’ll tell you why: the name on the application (I’ll call it “The Application,”) was familiar to me.  The name on The Application was the same […]

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the cheese stands alone

One of the permutations of Feast we considered was the one where we built a creamery into it.  This wasn’t going to be easy, nor affordable, but Dave, who’s worked at Feast for years, had a two-year hiatus (or was it three, Dave?) during which he cut his cheese chops at Cowgirl  Creamery.  Oh, the […]

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I have to admit it- they went straight for the FIRE RISER sign Last night we started chatting as we did our closing sidework, and it turned out that we all had something in common: we all thought someone else had gas.  Amie thought it was Deen.  Rene thought it was me.  I thought it […]

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people in here

So we opened the other night, to little fanfare, the idea being that the next couple of nights would be essentially practice nights as well.  Then a little well-intentioned mishap occured- the president of Arizona Public Media, for whom we underwrite, came in for lunch.  I told him I was glad he came in because it […]

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how it’s properly done

Hello, Old Friend the Shed. We’ve missed you and we’re glad the guys from Benchmark Concrete came out and moved you with the grace and style with which you deserve to be treated. getting the job done in half the time with less effort.

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