How a day gets away from a person

Dear, dear Feastlings,

You know how you usually get an email late Thursday morning telling you what’s going on at Feast? Today was one of those days where the painters didn’t do what they said they would, nor the flooring repair people, and the walk-in fan motor stopped working, and so on and so forth, and by the time I realized I hadn’t sent the email, the dinner rush was (is) about to begin. So this email is necessarily brief, but know this: There’s a wine tasting this Saturday at 2:00 pm, as usual.

There’s a substantial tasting that nearly qualifies as dinner next Thursday November 8.

And there’s a menu of Thanksgiving goodies available to pick up on Wednesday, November 21, with heating instructions. The deadline to order is November 18, the Sunday prior.

And there’ll be a new November menu come Tuesday, along with a shiny new Feast website, so keep your eyes peeled for that as well, but for now, our dinner rush is beginning, and after a long, slow summer, we finally have a dinner rush busy enough that I should get out from behind this computer and go help. See you soon.



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