Um… you voted, right?

Good morning, Feastlings.

Let’s start with this: while each of us has our own political leanings, Feast isn’t in the business of telling you how to vote. Your vote is your own, and we’re happy to make food and drink for you regardless of any political affiliation.  It is Election Day, however, and no matter which side of the aisle is yours in this polarized climate, if you stop to think about it, you probably consider yourself lucky to live in a place where it’s your right to go out and cast your ballot and make your voice heard, so here’s your reminder. If you haven’t done it yet, go out and participate in your democracy today.

The first Tuesday in November holds something else for you as well: the November menu begins today.  It sports fewer changes than normal, a lingering effect of shrinking the menu in the summertime to accommodate your summer menu requests, but there are some fun new dishes to consider.  There are autumnal dishes like charred cabbage stuffed with apples, leeks and walnuts, or pappardelle with tomato-pork belly ragout and sanguinaccio, or roasted apple with cinnamon crème anglaise and chipotle halvah. You’ll find some new seafood as well, like a fried oyster sandwich with lemongrass aioli and pickled vegetables, and a salad of warm calamari and borlotti beans. It’s all for the discovering here.

If you’ve clicked on the link,  you’ll have noticed that we have a snappy new website, thanks to a collaboration between our own talented coworker, Carolina Stosius, who’s responsible for the graphic design portion of the the site, and our friend Richard Whitmer, who handled the mechanics of it, so you have them to thank  can finally see our menu on your phone without holding it sideways and getting your readers out. You can see what else they do here and here.

As for what else is cooking at Feast, we still have another half a dozen seats left at our tasting/dinner with Josefa Concannon of Louis/Dressner this Thursday, so call if after the election you’re in the mood to celebrate, or to drown your sorrows.

And if you’d rather do your wine tasting on a weekend when you don’t have to get up the next morning and scramble off to work, consider our Saturday tasting, Three American Pinots and a Pal from France.

Lastly for the time being, anyhow, comes this reminder that you still have until a week from Sunday to order your Thanksgiving fare for pickup on the 21st, with heating instructions that’ll make your Thanksgiving Day that much more relaxing.

Oh, and you voted, right?


Your patriotic friends at Feast

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