Time’s a-wastin’.

Howdy, Feastlings.

The week is already drawing to a close, which means you’re running out of time to reserve a seat at this Saturday’s tasting, which won’t be wine but rather post-prandials. It’s the usual tasting, 2:00 pm and ten dollars plus tax and tip, and reservations taken by phone or in person only.  We’d love to have you, as we’d also love to have you at the Last Sunday of the Month tasting, a  Trust Your Importer-themed tasting with the Sorting Table and Janice Verrechia of Castello di Ama will be here in person with three of her wines alongside some others that the Sorting Table imports.

I write also to remind you that the Holidays lurk around the corner and we’ll soon be in their icy clutches, so if you don’t feel like chaining yourself to the oven on Thanksgiving, you have until this Sunday at 9:00 pm to order what you like from our Thanksgiving carryout menu, so you can stroll in on Wednesday the 21st and pick up your food with heating instructions and do half the work you’d have done otherwise come Thanksgiving Day.

We look forward to seeing you for either tasting, or, for that matter, any occasion.


The people of Feast


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