What’s about to happen, and what’s a ways away

Hello, Feastlings.
Here’s your weekly missive, and while there’s not much going on yet this week, there’s plenty on the horizon. This Saturday, Kevin hauls out four different Grenaches for our Saturday tasting, “How the Grenache Stole Christmas.”

Then there’s some serious advance notice for a dinner/tasting we’re having in January. It’s already on the website because we’ve been in love with these wines since last year, and have been planning on this dinner for a while; it’s only this week, though, that we’ve confirmed a visit from Christian Troy of Indie Wineries, importer of the wines of Le Due Terre, so up goes the menu for an event in January, even before we’ve posted the Christmas Eve carryout menu and the New Year’s Eve menu. So keep your eyes peeled for those, both of which you’ll see soon, but in the meanwhile, here’s the menu for the Due Terre dinner.

There’ll be another email next week with the December menu, the Christmas Eve and New Year’s menus, and next week’s wine tasting, “Have Yourself a Merlot Little Christmas.” We hope you can make to to any or all of our upcoming events.

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