You, us and Darren.

Hello, Sweet Feastlings.

It would appear that we’ve arrived at the first Tuesday of the month yet again, just as we have well over two hundred times now, and it means the same thing it’s always meant for us: today we begin a new menu. You’ll find a classic dish, or technically two classic dishes: Croque Monsieur and Croque Madame. You’ll also find a smattering of dishes that have never poked their heads up out of the groundhog burrow. This month you’ll find grilled sturgeon with rye-flour gnocchi; you’ll find a beef tenderloin with Tête de Moine cheese and olives; you’ll find a chocolate chip bread pudding alongside a walnut cake with pear and ginger to balance it. The whole menu may be spied right here.

If it’s wine more so than food that floats your boat, you may instead wish to consider Kevin’s cork-pulling of four pink wines from southern France: Provence Rosé.

And if you want to combine food and wine both, and you want to find out who Darren is, you’ll just need to come in to enjoy a froufrou dinner with us. As luck would have it, we’ve had a couple of cancellations, so there’s room for up to three of you. The result is that if you’re a procrastinator, you’ll still have every opportunity to settle in. Food, drink and company- it will undoubtedly coalesce into something enjoyable, and you’re invited to it, though you’ll need to think on your feet, since these seats only just now became available. Want to see the menu? It’s here:

Tablas Creek wine dinner with Darren Delmore

In any case, if you feel like joining us, we’d most decidedly recommend a reservation, which is easy as proverbial pie. Please come say hello.

The People of Feast

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