We’re not fooling anybody.

Dear Feastlings,

I know. The summer request menu is over and done with (though I know some of you got the short shrift, so don’t worry, we’ll still be making gigante beans for another day or two (and maybe some short ribs and banana crumbles.) It’s abundantly clear to us, though, that what’s outside still does not remotely resemble autumn. So we’re all ready to get an earful about the autumnal dishes on the new menu that begins today- the new marrow bone, the crispy duck salad, the mesquite flour-dusted lamb and the chocolate licorice root cake are all dishes better consumed when it’s cooler outside, but if you would, indulge us in this fantasy. We, like you, are Tucsonans, and while we know it’s meant to be 101 degrees again this weekend, we fall for it every year. It’s September now, and we tell ourselves that summer is drawing to a close.
The sun is coming up a little later, and its brutal fist doesn’t wallop us at first light anymore. We know from the summer requests you made that you’re willing to suspend disbelief and eat gnocchi in Parmesan cream sauce in July, so let’s all just make a silent contract that says you’ll indulge in a hearty braised chicken tart with a tarragon-carrot custard tucked into the pastry, and we won’t cast a supercilious glance when you do. Let’s all just pretend it’s cooling off, together. You can see the menu in its entirety at the link below, though I’ve undoubtedly made an error in the posting, so when you find it, feel free to dash off an email; just don’t email me about the comfort food. We all need the comfort. 

For those of you to whom food plays second fiddle to wine, there’ll be a wine tasting this Saturday, just like any other Saturday, at 2:00. the wines are all from Sicily, and they’re perfect for the previously agreed-upon transition we’re making to autumn, and the story on the tasting and the wines themselves can be found here:

This Saturday’s wine tasting: Sicilia!

So there you have it. It’s a new month, and nearly a new season, with a new menu and a new wine tasting to trick you into feeling a spring in your step. We hope it works.


The people of Feast

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