A tug on your shirtsleeve

Hi, Feastlings.
I know your email boxes are full to bursting right now with Black Friday offers and the like, but here’s a quick reminder to avert potential last-minute stress. Every year, we get a slew of phone calls on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving from desperate folk who’ve forgotten that the deadline to order their Thanksgiving carryout is Sunday, and we’re forced to tell them that we’ll have to call back if we have anything left over, but we can’t make any promises. This is your chance to dodge being the person who makes that phone call. We’ll still be taking Thanksgiving orders until we close at 9 pm tonight, so if you forgot about this and still want to pick something up on Wednesday so you have less cooking to do on Thursday, now’s your chance.

And as long as you’re reading this, I’ll mention the Last Sunday of the Month tasting with our friend Katie Woodcock of the Estates Group, and her friend Janice Verrechia of Castello di Ama.

It’s something fun to do with what friends and relatives are still hanging around after the holiday.

Anyhow, there’ll be another email in your box on Tuesday, with more about that tasting and the one that Kevin’s doing this Saturday with bubbly, but we wanted to make sure you got your opportunity to leave the gravy-making to someone else this year.

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