A kinder, gentler holiday headquarters

Dearest Feastlings,

Most of you know where I stand on the issue of the holiday season.  The throngs of people strike terror into my delicate heart; the brash commercialism fills me with shame for my culture; the incessant Christmas music makes my eyes roll back in their sockets; and the unequaled sense of obligation makes me quake with dread.  So I write now to propose to you both a means of checking off some items on your holiday list, and a couple of brief getaways when the stress gets too overwhelming.  I’ll even throw in a couple of bargains to sweeten the deal.  So here it all is in a nutshell:

First, consider this: a parking lot you can walk across in a flash; a place to escape the holiday music blaring from every retail speaker; a shop with scarcely a line at the cash register; shelves replete with tasty salts, oils, vinegars, wines and spirits; and a kind and knowledgeable staff who work here year ’round, and aren’t just hired holiday help who don’t know what they have to offer you.

Next, consider this: on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, and even on Sunday just to round out the weekend, we’ll be offering wine and spirits to take away at ten percent off their retail price (if they’re not already on sale) and fifteen percent off any mix and match collection of six bottles or more (again, for beverage not already discounted.) What’s more, if you have a bottle at the table this weekend and take another bottle of the same wine home, we’ll waive the corkage on the bottle you drank here with your meal.  These deals apply on November 23, 24 and 25.

Fed up with the holidays altogether and need a break from it?  You could join us on Saturday the 24th for Kevin’s sparkling wine tasting at 2:00, or the Last Sunday tasting on the 25th at 3:30, complete with food pairings.  You’ll need to call us to make your reservation since web and email reservations won’t work to hold a spot at the tastings.  The number is 326-9363.  Come join us for one reason or another.


Your pals at Feast

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