Early birds, worms and the like.

Dear Feastlings,
Just a couple of items this morning, and nice and early so that
a) you have ample time to order if you’re interested in getting food for our delivery run tomorrow to parts south and southeast. The deadline to order is 7:30 this evening, and apparently I’ve posted things so vaguely that more than one of you has been under the impression that the only food available for the delivery are the two specials we’ll have available. This isn’t so. The whole menu is available, though we can’t promise to have the other specials handy a day in advance. So all appetizers, salads, entrees and desserts are available. Even sandwiches, though I’d not that all the food coming to you on the hub deliveries is cold, and the sandwiches don’t reheat so beautifully. But the menu is here and you have all day to pick something.

I’m also letting you know that in order to feed all three shifts of the Rural Metro fire crews (plus the Rincon Valley Fire Department,) we’re not giving you a whole lot of lead time this week, as we have to deliver our donated meals on the 1st of July or wait and do it on the day our menu changes. We’ve therefore chosen the former, which means we’re in a bit of a hurry to fund 182 meals, and still trying to scare up a few more fire stations to share with. If we fund all 182 existing commitments with your donations, Feast will donate another three to five fire stations’ worth of firefighter meals. You can see details about that rapidly approaching event here.

And lastly, but still in plenty of time, for those of you attending today’s zoom wine tasting, the meeting number is 952 8495 0668 and the password is 296586. There’s even still time to pick up tasting samples before the tasting begins at 2:00.

Thank you all very kindly. We’re supremely grateful for you.

Doug and all your other friends at Feast

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