Laying low

Dear Feastlings,
Despite the twiddling of thumbs around here, after seeing who’s reopened and reclosed, I don’t reckon we’ll be doing any dine-in service for a spell. We intend to continue with takeout as long as people keep ordering, but to those few stragglers who stroll up to the door, maskless and curious each day, none of whom is likely reading this, can you please do us the kindness of laying low like we are for a while? I’m no epidemiologist, but every time I see someone who’s not making an effort to minimize the spread of this virus, all I can think of is how many more days, or weeks, or months they’re adding to our sentence.
For those of you who believe a mask to be a violation of your human rights, I submit that you’re willing to wear a shirt and shoes to go into the grocery store, you’re willing to step outside for a smoke, and you’re willing to submit yourself to a host of other small inconveniences for the privilege of participating in society at large. You wait in a line in an orderly way at the post office, you put your garbage in a can that you wheel out to the street- maybe you even separate it and put recyclables out separately. Why can’t you just wear a mask for the half hour you’re out there within two yards of other people? I’m just throwing it out there. Here’s where we are as of today. You may remember that I included a link to this site to explain why we felt that not enough progress had been made to merit reopening, and it turns out we’re now even further behind than we were when I said we’d wait. So while no one on this email list has written since the spike and asked why we’re not seating people in the dining room, if you know someone who’s wondering, or who’s going to a restaurant where a staff member has tested positive and they’re remaining open- yep, there’s at least one restaurant that’s done that. I refer you to this list of things we haven’t accomplished that we should before we hang our shingles back out.

Meanwhile, we’re still offering this menu until we change it on the first Tuesday in July (not until the 7th) for takeout and delivery, and all three of our delivery runs, despite being a bit lean due to our usual summer disappearance of neighbors, will continue, so once the menu changes we’ll offer delivery to the various neighborhoods on Tucson’s periphery. There’ll be no Saturday wine tasting this week, since it’ll be Independence Day. My suggestion: support an independent business to celebrate and treat yourself to something you deserve. But please do it with a mask on if you’re within six feet of a stranger. Please?


Doug and the bored but not unemployed crew of Feast

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