It’s a tightrope we walk.

Dear Feastlings,
It turns out that NOT reading the news and going for a bike ride before it gets too hot are excellent ways for me to keep from writing a woebegone email, and I thank those of you who wrote words of encouragement yesterday, and those others of you who at the very least withheld any complaints and angry comments. I also want to thank you, Eileen, who put me in touch with Mike McKendrick at the Greater Tucson Firefighters Foundation, who in turn is putting me in touch with a couple of chiefs around town so that we can get a donation underway to some of the over 900 people who are putting themselves at risk to protect the rest of us, I also want to send out sincere wishes for the safety of the people in various stages of the READY, SET, GO evacuation orders in place in various parts of town.
I guess even if you don’t read the news, there are still obvious stressors everywhere, so I’ll be walking the tightrope of making myself an informed citizen and checking in on the outside world and occasionally putting myself on a news moratorium and trying to remain relatively happy. I hate moratoriums.
As for today, though, if it’s of any consequence to you, the meeting number for today’s zoom wine tasting is 962 6793 6932, and the password is 296586. There’s still time to pick up tasting samples if you’d care to join us, and if you’re curious as to the lineup, you can find that here.

You also have until the end of the day today to pre-order food from Tuesday’s special Bonfires of San Juan menu, with which the wines you taste today will be delicious.

If you want Father’s Day specials, you’d have needed to order by yesterday, but we’re likely to overshoot as we prep today, so you can call tomorrow to see if there’s still any banana crumble to be had, or oxtail quesadillas, quite large shrimp, or lamb loin. And if we’ve sold out of all those, there’s still the regular menu, which is here.

There’s also still time to donate to this week’s donation run, which, while I’m still working on logistics with the firefighters, will go to seven different animal rescue/shelter/adoption agencies in town.

Thank you all for being the amazingly kind, giving, generous people you’ve proven to be during this scary and painful time.

Your friend,


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