Every chat is a fireside chat.

Dear Feastlings,
Every time it looks like this fire is getting more manageable, I see new, steady streams of smoke coming from a different spot in the Catalinas. With that in mind, I’ve been spending time on the phone and emailing various working and retired fire chiefs, and it’s looking like we’ll be at a minimum feeding the firefighters at Rural Metro and the Rincon Valley Fire District. You can find info about those donations and how you can contribute here.

I’m also checking in because, like I mentioned last week, each time we make a delivery run to the outer reaches of Tucson, it’s a barometer for us, and so far, we have very few orders for meals going out to the north and northwest tomorrow¬†and even fewer orders to the south and southeast on Sunday.

If you’ve lost interest or you’ve had your fill or you’d rather go to sit in a restaurant that’s willing to keep the COVID stew simmering on the front burner, so be it; we’ll stop making these delivery runs if interest has waned and we’ll instead put our energy into creating other reasons for you to pick up food and drink from us (for example, there’s still time to grab samples for tomorrow’s wine tasting) and there’s always just ordering something from the regular menu.

Take a look and give us a buzz at 326-9363 and we’ll make you something nice. See you soon, we hope, even if it’s just to hand something delicious through your car window. We do miss the heck out of you.

Your friends at Feast

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