Dear Feastlings,
I’m writing to you from the past. I suppose, technically, I’m always writing to you from the past since you’re never here looking over my shoulder as I type, but this morning, I’m writing to you from last evening. It turns out that our computer system is down, and so I’m here Monday evening, waiting for the computer to install an update so I can let tech support log in remotely and fix the thing- I hope- and business can run as usual today, or new usual, anyhow. So I came in yesterday afternoon (today from my current perspective) and first tried all the customary tricks I try. They failed, miserably. After an hour of that, I started calling me various tech support backups, and eventually, one called me back and told me to restart the computer again. I did, and this time it had an update to install, which it had been doing for a little bit over an hour when I decided, after eating a salad and getting some emails out of the way, that I’d get the jump on tomorrow, which when you read this will have become today, so I’d have one less task to deal with. So here it is, or will be, anyway. First off, there’s the menu, in case you want to order enough that I can cover whatever this computer mess ends up having cost aside from my irretrievable time. Though as to the irretrievable time, I’ve spent the past 38 years in the restaurant business, so this is (was) really nothing relative to that, right?
The menu’s here and I encourage you to order something from it, and from the wine list as well.

And speaking of wine, this Saturday’s tasting will be a preview of four Spanish wines that we’ll be offering alongside our specials for the Bonfires of San Juan, a Summer Solstice celebration we’ll be offering on Tuesday the 23rd. Take a look at the menu now, and then order from it by Saturday so we can be sure we have what you want.

And as long as you’re ordering ahead of time, you may want to be aware that order need to be in by Friday for your Father’s Day specials, which can be found here, and by tomorrow for our delivery run to the east, northeast and west.  Whatever the case, you have no shortage of reasons to order something delicious from Feast. Father’s Day victuals? Check. Duck mole tamales with huitlacoche cream and a stuffed chili? Check. Gnocchi and sausage with fennel and spinach in a Parmesan cream sauce? You bet. Spanish goodies to ring in the official longest day of the year? We’ve got those, too. Gazpacho of the red variety, presumably with fewer misinterpreted race-related overtones? We’ve even got that. Whatever the reason, we’d be delighted if you called. And if you could, please cross your fingers that I’m not still here sixteen hours ago. I’d really like to have left by sixteen hours ago.


Your friend who every day questions the choices he’s made a little bit more,


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