When you’ve had your fill of humans, other species are pretty great.

Dear Feastlings,
I know I’ve recently been better about getting the emails out earlier in the day, but I put a lot of miles on the odometer today, and only just got back. Many thanks to those of you who donated meals to the crews of six different animal shelters/adoption agencies. The seventh one, Tucson Rescue Now, opted for gift certificates rather than meals, which they’ll be giving away with each adoption until they run out, and who knows?- we may very well re-up. In any case, I got to meet a lot of new friends today, both bipedal and quadrupedal, and it was decidedly more enjoyable than sitting at my desk answering an assortment of both supportive and- we’ll call them crackpot- emails. I do have a lot to get done now, though, as the email has to go out and we’ve got to get cracking on the July menu, as July is fast upon us. But if you’re in the mood to cheer up, I’ll be posting photos of my travels today on our Facebook page and our Instagram account, @feasttucson.

We do have not only a boatload of specials today, but a couple of special figured out for our delivery runs this weekend- Saturday’s run to the delivery hubs to the north and Sunday’s delivery run to the south (and southeast)

There’s also ample time to order samples if you want to participate in this Saturday’s wine tasting, a tribute to America, which, wherever you fall on the political spectrum, you can agree produces delicious wine.

We hope you’ll order a little something for yourselves, stay in out of the smoke, send good wishes to your neighbors in the evacuation areas, and raise a glass to the firefighters on the mountain right now. While it’s been an amazing bureaucratic experience trying to get food donated to firefighters since those on the mountain are in the middle of nowhere and any meal we donated would be considered a violation of their contract with the people currently providing them with food, we decided, after chatting with my new (bipedal) friend, Karl Isselhard, Rural Metro Fire Chief, to feed firefighters who are down a little lower and work every bit as a hard and protect this community every bit as much, every day. Our next donation run will go to feed 135 Rural Metro firefighters across eight fire stations, plus others with whom we have yet to arrange it. I’ll keep you posted, I promise. Have the best day you can.



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