She always exaggerates. Always.

Dear Feastings,
It turns out Megan was a drama major. As you might guess if you know Megan, her emphasis was tech and design and all that. In the 27 years I’ve known Megan, I’ve never regarded her as a drama queen, but I will say that she’s prone to hyperbole and exaggeration. Today she informed me that it was going to be 110 degrees outside, but we checked, and it’s only going to be a mere 108. So come off it, Megan. That said, whether it’s 110 or a brisk 108, you may want to consider not heating up your kitchen today, so my prescription is grabbing a little takeout from Feast. That’s why I’m giving you a link to our menu.

I’m also giving you links to this weekend’s events- the wine tasting,┬áthe delivery run to the north and northwest on Saturday, and the delivery run to the south and southeast on Sunday.

There’ll be more information soon on some other things- more of the dishes you’ve requested us to make this summer, the delivery of donated meals to eight different Rural Metro fire stations (and likely a bunch of Rincon Valley fire stations,) and surely more hospital deliveries, as a dear nurse friend of mine just informed me that she’s now received disaster response calls from here in Arizona. The call is coming from inside the house, as it were. So we’re expecting a lot of exhausted hospital workers who’ll need something to make their day easier, yet again. You’ll get an email about that, but by now you’ve figured me out, and if you haven’t already moved the relentless barrage of emails to your junk folder, well, thanks for that.



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