It’s the last week of construction, I hope, and New Feast is a beehive of activity.  There were three electricians, five plumbers, two fire suppression installers, two guys doing millwork, an exterminator, eleven of Feast’s kitchen staff, three of Feast’s dining room staff, a cleaning crew of five, me, the project manager, the point-of-sale guy, […]

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snug as bugs in rugs

We started moving the rest of our equipment in yesterday, and somehow, those acres of kitchen space no longer appear to be acres.  It’s going to be a pretty snug fit in some areas, but it’s starting to feel like a restaurant in here.  On today’s list: the dish table, dishwasher, the last of the […]

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boxing day

We normally close on Sunday night at 9 pm, and we normally open on Tuesday at 11.  I’m flabbergasted at how much we’ve accomplished in the less than thirty-six hours since we’ve closed.  It almost feels like we could have moved the whole mess over if not for the inspection process.  We got halfway there […]

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a black-belted goodbye

For the past few weeks, a lot of our regular guests have been asking me if I’m starting to feel sad about the move, and I really hadn’t been.  Getting the new building going has been a substantial task, and while I’ve adjusted to my relationship with our landlord, I can’t say I’ll ever call […]

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plumb crazy

About a month ago, I walked into a meeting with our contractor, and the plumber walked in.  I don’t know if he’s the owner of the company or the guy sells the Extended Warranty or the Undercoating Plus and the Silver Protection Plan, but I do know this: I bought five hand sinks from Economy […]

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pipe dream

The fire suppression fellow came yesterday to pipe  our system for the ovens, grills and fryers with which we’ve packed the kitchen.  I’m amazed that John, the Venture West project manager for Feast, has more hair than I do, because the odds and ends relating to the equipment (“uh-oh, this is a cheese melter, not […]

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do, re, mi

Wow, does Ron do some beautiful work.  The bar is nearing completion and after the past two days, we’re all ready to belly up to it.  Sunday was a sixteen-hour marathon, followed by an easy thirteen-hour day yesterday.  But Ron’s bar is already running scales in practice for its siren’s song.

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ire riser

I know when I sit down to dinner, I’m hoping to sit near the FIRE RISER.  It just makes me feel safer somehow.  So when I walked in this morning to this sign, I thought to myself, “well, this will be the table people fight over: the one facing this sign that screams, “SAFETY!”  As […]

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sit. stay.

The banquettes began arriving today, and in order to save time, we couldn’t cut them all to equal sizes, which I hope is not a big deal.  We’ll see if my hopes come true.  It mostly just means there’ll be a skinny bench wedged between two full-sized ones, but I’m hoping people don’t end up […]

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