A little note in between big notes

Good day, Feastlings,

It’s not the first Tuesday of the month yet, nor is it Mother’s Day. We’re still working on the dates for our next donation run, which will be a two-part run, to Sister Jose Women’s Center and the Primavera Men’s Shelter, and planning between the three organizations is proving a bit time-consuming. I reckon there’ll be a too-long email about all of things soon enough, but today, I just wanted to get out a quick mention of this Saturday’s wine tasting, and something of a questionnaire about the Sunday tastings.

First, this Saturday’s tasting:

A bridge across the Atlantic

Next, the questionnaire about the Last Sunday tastings:

Will you come if we start doing them in person again?



That’s it. I just know we’ve gotten a lot of feedback saying that it’s become part of the fun to heat up dishes yourselves, and not to have to worry about driving after sampling wine, but I’m lobbying for a return to in-house tastings- the quality of the food is better when we can plate it and serve it hot in the private dining room, we’ll still pull down the big screen and invite guests from all over the world, and you won’t have to clean anything up. Plus, we don’t waste boxes, and it’s easier on the crew here. From my perspective, everybody wins. But- and I blanch at saying this- I’d love to hear your perspective. Just be aware that it may take me a few days to get back to you.

Anyhow, we hope you’ll join us sooner than later, and that you’re well and happy. See you soon.

Your buddy,


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