Keeping up appearances

Dear Feastlings,

Bumpy as it may be behind the scenes, I’m happy to report that we’ve been able to keep things looking predominantly normal up front, aside, of course, from being shut down on Sundays for the time being: we can handle the number of guests we have joining us, the food still comes out more or less the way it was intended to, and the staff is markedly more pleasant as they (we) find themselves (ourselves) stretched a little less thinly.

So while we don’t yet know whether we’ll be open for dine-in again by the 29th, I can at the very least come in and continue our series of remote, log-in-from-home Last Sunday of the Month wine tastings. Still, I’m hoping for an in-person tasting, as far and away the majority of you who expressed an opinion were in favor of the tasting taking place here in the dining room. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, we’ll keep everything else looking as normal as we can make it appear. For example, we’ll have a normal wine tasting this Saturday,


and we’ll be making a double donation run late next week,

It took us a little longer than we’d expected, but May 27th will be a day we’re proud of.

and in the meantime, we’ll have food and drink for you in fairly plentiful supply. We’re training a new saute cook and a new pantry cook, and as soon as she tests negative after a bout with Covid, we’ll be auditioning someone to help us get our poor, overworked catering production manager back to a reasonable schedule. I tiptoe around even mentioning that one- I’m deeply superstitious and it seems dangerous to say it when nothing is guaranteed yet. It seems like saying out loud that we’re working on a production of Macbeth.

If you haven’t seen Slings and Arrows, it’s fun to watch, once you’ve endured the first couple of slow-moving and dark episodes. Slow-moving and dark sounds like me, though, and Feast can still be a good time despite it.

Now. Off to make everything look normal.



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