Filling your fridge with summer reds

Dear Feastlings,

We’ve been advised against it since we began drinking wine, but never have we questioned those who told us: drink your red at room temperature. We beg to differ.  Our tasting today, for which there’s still room, either here with us or at home if you grab a set of samples, features four red wines, all of whom will be delicious emerging from your refrigerator.

Yes, they’re all red, and they’re all light and fresh, and it’s because of the process(es) by which they’re made. Today we’ll be talking about carbonic maceration, or carbonic fermentation, and we’ll throw in some cryomaceration for good measure.

Light on their feet: carbonically fermented wines

You can learn about it all this afternoon at 2, and if you’re not doing it here in person, you can do it from virtually anywhere by logging into our chat here:

Topic: Light on their feet
Time: May 7, 2022 02:00 PM Arizona

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They’re so fun and clean and summery, I dare say you’ll pull a bottle of white out to make room for one. Or more. See you in a couple of hours for some really fun and interesting discussion of some really fun and interesting wines. Thanks, everyone.

Your thirsty friend,


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