whole lot of love, part II

  Oh, Victor.  Feast’s current landlord is a man whom I would not regard as free-spending.  When the roof leaks in the same spot in the kitchen every monsoon season, Victor first tells me that because I bought and replaced the faulty cooler that used to be there, that I need to pay for the […]

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grout. and out.

The tile in the restrooms is finally in the home stretch, and if I may say so, it’s quite charming.  A little detail goes a long way.

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side ways

Whether you call it flashing or siding, you must admit it looks better than the cobbled-together look of our two walk-ins.  It’s still not perfect- the back of our big walk-in sticks out and is painted blue, but it’s still pretty lovely.

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good morning starshine

A well-lit parking lot is a happy parking lot, so we managed to procure some new heads for the light poles that line our lot.  You can park easily at Feast with the many conveniences afforded us by modern technology.  What’s more, the SWS people are quite neighborly about the parking situation, to we will […]

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the last bits of flooring

The plank flooring is finished, and today they drop in the floor behind the bar and in the waiter’s station, which is made from recycled tires.  Rubber floor means less broken glassware.  I hope.

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I have reservations about taking reservations

Tuesday began and ended our installation and training on Open Table, the software (and hardware) that lets you make a reservation from our website ( or Open Table’s website, though we prefer you use ours, since OT charges us a dollar a head for every reservation made through their site).  Training lasted less than two […]

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belly up

Feast, in its current incarnation, has had a bar for five years now.  And while it’s been a fine, fine bar, and we’ve served many a tasty drink and pleasant meal at it, for five years, we at Feast have been catching our collective hip on it, and everyone who sits on B3 and B4 […]

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I met these two guys on Tuesday, and while they are thankfully neither keymaster nor gatekeeper, they are, even more thankfully, both gatemakers.  I think it’s turning out pretty sharp, and I’m quite fond of our exciting new gated dustbin area, which, you may recall, is the flattest one in town.  Or at least in […]

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hole-y moley, part CLXXVI, but I exaggerate

Yesterday there was a trench full of wire; today, the new heads go on the poles that light our parking lot.  Tomorrow, the parking lot will be seal-coated and striped, which means the people who miss the entrance to SWS will have to circle the block and come back around, like they used to when […]

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