when one door closes, another one opens, or if not, there’s still plenty of room to walk through.

The doors arrived for the private dining room today, and, like everything else today, they were accompanied by news of previous miscommunications: Oh no, the doors aren’t in our scope of work, that’s your responsibility.  Somehow, between the door manufacturer, the architect and the contractor all allegedly making arrangements with one another, we ended up […]

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I love how the building is turning out.  I really do.  But the bar has been a source of frustration from the get-go.  Somehow, there have been mismeasurements and miscommunications about the bar from the very first, from a mismeasurement of the beer cooler by three feet to today’s problem, two days before our final […]

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light smite

The light fixtures have come with us to New Feast, and, Surprise of Surprises, the lighting guy who sent us the wrong color fixtures (which, incidentally, won’t be in until well after we’re open) also managed to short us about twenty-five eight-foot lengths of track.  The good news is our industrious electricians managed to salvage […]

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I was honored yesterday to have been told, “you’re just a right-brain thinker and you can’t help it” in regard to how my office looks, because most people just think I’m an incredible slob, and I think I’m just plain scattered.  Anyhow, this should resolve any future disputes over how my piles of disorganized papers […]

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better lookin’ each day

The cuvinet’s up and the bar’s been stained again; a few trim pieces and we’ll be set.  Behind the bar is another story; after a series of unfortunate mismeasurements, we’ve discovered that not only did we have to buy a new beer cooler, but our soda setup will belatedly have to come into the kitchen, […]

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dish wish

For nine years, Feast has had the tragic dish station setup of a bunch of plastic shelving units that were left behind from when the restaurant was called La Fonda.  La Fonda had delicious food, but an unfortunate concept of restaurant logistics.  I remember eating there once as a party of four, none of whom […]

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cookin’ with gas, part II

We passed the first critical inspection, so southwest Gas came and turned everything on yesterday.  And I forgot these three guys in my previous post.  Sorry, gents.  And thanks for the gas.

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