mind the gap

I can’t say the budget overruns have been an enjoyable experience, but I can say that after just a couple hundred square feet, I’m glad we sprung for some decent flooring.  I’ve got nothing against polished concrete when I go to a restaurant as a guest, but when you’re walking on it all day, you […]

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lost frost

Omar and I started yesterday bright and early, hauling everything out of the walk-in and into our temporary refrigerated truck.  while the truck is about the size of our walk-in, it’s configured rather differently, which means many of us will need to lose a few pounds to get in and out of it.  Still, it […]

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We fired up the signs last night and two thirds of them look pretty good.  The monument sign needs a little love, but we’ll get that fixed.  Apparently, the lights inside the sign haven’t functioned at all in at least five years, so I feel lucky to have it work at all.  This one is […]

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You’ll never guess what showed up in Feast’s back yard yesterday, or maybe you will, since I’ve posted a photo of it here.  We’re moving the contents of our walk-in into a refrigerated truck, so that as soon as I finish posting this stuff I can run over to the restaurant to help finish moving […]

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Huge stacks of bamboo planking arrived yesterday, under the care of Seth and his quiet compatriot.  They hit the ground running and they’re working through their holiday weekend to get the flooring ball rolling, as it were.  It should be done in less than a week.  They’ve already started the floor prep.  Take a look.

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seeing red

Our lighting guy seems like a good sort.  He loves to talk, and he gave me all sorts of advice on the restaurant business.  He told me all about his upcoming cruise to Alaska and his birthday and his favorite places to eat (big fan of the Olive Garden- I should check it out, he […]

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rack attack

I know we’re over budget everywhere, but I’m hoping that this lone bike rack isn’t enough.  We have two more at Current Feast that I’m hoping to bring over if I can find a spot for them.  Plus there’s Bob, Builder of Bike Racks, who I’ll try and set something up with eventually, but in […]

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the best-dressed farmer

There’s this guy I’ve known for maybe eleven years.  His name is Noel Patterson, and when I knew him at first, we’d been thrown together into a dysfunctional restaurant that circled the proverbial drain for over a year before it finally did itself and us a favor and had its doors nailed shut.  I was […]

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i know why the caged bird dines al fresco

In a dream world, the fence around our patio would be waist-high, or at most, five feet.  You know, the kind of fence over which you see your neighbor, and you lean over and chat about lawnmowers or the paperboy or some other aspect of the idyllic suburban life of a bygone era.

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