Three in a row

Hello, Feastlings,

Three times this week, I’ve tried to get an email out midday, and three times, I’ve failed, but at least eventually gotten one out, assuming I hit “send” tonight. I’ll still send an email in the morning to give you the login information for tomorrow’s wine tasting and give ten or a dozen of you another chance to jump in on the Sunday tasting as well, but tonight I wanted to tell those of you whom I didn’t see today what those I did see asked about: No. I didn’t raise a lot of money on the radio today for Arizona Public Media. As it happens, Supreme Court decisions that reverse laws in place for nearly fifty years necessitate more than a little news coverage, so those of us who were ready to beat the fundraising drum were shelved for the day. But a promise is a promise- I still donated a couple of gift certificates, one that will be won by some lucky person who called in to AZPM today despite my absence from the airwaves, and one for someone who calls in during that same 8 AM to 10 AM time slot on Monday, when the fund drive will re-emerge. I personally can’t do it, and I was disappointed not to be able to read the names of some of my many favorite guests who support the stations like I do. But I’ll still throw in those gift certificates. So, sure- call on Monday instead, because today was a reminder of the value of the service Arizona Public Media provides, there for us in good times and bad, and I’m sure some of you regard these as good times, and some as bad. But the information is important to share regardless.

More tomorrow about both the Saturday

¡Viva España!

and Sunday

Things are heating up- climate change and wine

wine tastings, both of which you can, as of now at least, still attend. In the meantime, stay well, the lot of you.



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