The curse of an excellent day

Dear Feastlings,
The plan was to have sent an email out this afternoon, to mention the weekend’s upcoming wine tastings and my stint on Arizona Public Media in the morning, but after the usual dozen or so interruptions that keep me from getting my emails out at a civilized hour, there was an unusual few score more interruptions, this time from a busy little evening full of Spanish fare and their accompanying wines that’s kept me running, both figuratively and literally, throughout the evening. I didn’t get to finish the details on the Sunday tasting, but I’ll necessarily get that done tomorrow.

In the meantime, please know these things:

First, and I hope you read this before then if you’re the sort that’s inclined to donate, I’ll be chiming in between programming in the morning on Arizona Public Media. If you tune in and call in during my segments (8:00 am to 10:00 am,) you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a gift certificate to Feast. The number, unless it’s changed after all these years, is (520) 621-1600.

Also know that there are two wine tastings this weekend, one on Saturday, a continuation of the Spanish theme that overwhelmed us tonight in a positive way (thank you so much, those of you who joined us, and those of you who arrived at the end of lobster availability.) There’s still time to sign up to join us here or at home for an assortment of Spanish wines

¡Viva España!

and to join us strictly at home until we get our Sunday feet underneath us once again, for the Sunday tasting

Things are heating up- climate change and wine

And with any luck, there’ll be an email tomorrow with more details about the Sunday tasting and its food pairings. And you’ll get it before 9 pm. You know, with any luck. Until then, though, I hope I get to read your name on the radio. Have a great day.

Your busy but more grateful than usual friend,


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