Holding up our end of the bargain

Dear Feastlings,

With a smaller staff than we’d like to have, it’s undeniably been an effort, but here we are with all our proverbial ducks in a row, at least for the very near future. Today, I’ll send you links to a few upcoming events, all of which we’ve fairly scrambled to put together, but all of which we’ve managed to figure out, and this even after several days of prep for that Primavera Foundation benefit dinner the other night (good job, you apprentice chefs!) I’ll throw them out there in chronological order.

First, there’s this Saturday’s wine tasting (yes, that’s tomorrow,) which will take place both here at Feast and on the other end of a Zoom call if you’d rather. There’s still room if you’d care to join us; give us a jingle at (520) 326-9363 and we’ll set aside a set of samples for you: four pink wines, none of them the usual suspects.

The Unexpected Rose

Next, in our tasting’s wake, you’ll find a full day of specials for any fathers you plan on taking out for Father’s Day. We still have room for you that day as well, if you’re inclined to join us.

Father’s Day specials

And third, though it’s nearly a week away, we’ll be offering a special menu for the Bonfires of San Juan. While I’m not usually one to celebrate the official arrival of summer, I’m more than happy to celebrate Spanish food and drink, and the pleasure it affords. I think last year I posted “I don’t want to set the world on fire,” by the Ink Spots, so this year, you’ll find a link to a very historically accurate performance of “Fire,” by the Ohio Players. But to watch it, you’ll need to visit this page:

I don’t want to set the world on fire

There’s more to come, of course. Just because I was finally able to get these few events posted doesn’t mean that’s all that’s in store for you. Keep an eye peeled for our next donation run, and the July menu, and more wine tastings, like next weekend’s Viva EspaƱa tasting to follow the Bonfires of San Juan, our end of the month tasting featuring wines and wineries dealing with climate change, and in two weeks and change, our July menu.

How the world keeps turning while we keep feeling paralyzed is beyond be, but we’ve done it this far, so I can’t imagine we won’t continue. See you soon, everyone.



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