Sometimes, even the longest day of the year doesn’t have enough hours in it.

Dear Feastlings,

There’ll be more to come this week, if only because I couldn’t get it all finished today, but I did at the very least want to dash off a note about Thursday’s Bonfires of San Juan specials. The dinner hour may be well saturated by this point, but there’s ample room in the daytime to join us for some Spanish treats and dodge the corkage on Spanish wines.

I don’t want to set the world on fire

And if the Spanish wine you select on Thursday only whets your palate, you can join us again on Saturday to sample four Spanish wines so new to us (and to the market) that you’re highly unlikely to have tasted them before. If you want to taste them on Thursday, they’ll be here, corkage-free, just like all the other Spanish wines on the list, but if you join us on Saturday, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn a thing or two alongside your tasting.

¡Viva España!

The next logical step, of course, is stocking your cellar with some, and they make great building blocks toward a whole case of wine, which gets you a deeper discount than usual, all the way up to Labor Day:

Your summertime bargains

I promise to send more info on Thursday- you’ll want to know what time I’m giving away gift certificates to people who choose to donate to Arizona Public Media on Friday, and you’ll want to know more about our Last Sunday of the Month wine tasting, a talk about how wineries are dealing with climate change. I’m still waiting for all the wines to come in, though, to post the information- we’ve learned not to count that chicken before it hatches these days. In the meantime, though, thanks for your kind support.

Your friend,


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