Promises made, promises postponed.

Oh, Feastlings,
While I had every intention of having a Bastille Day menu to share with you today, I’ve been sideswiped yet again by- can I even bring myself to write this phrase I dread?- the New Normal (which, incidentally, I’m aware is neither new nor normal at this point.) Yesterday was dedicated to three iterations of lemon chocolate upside-down cake for the upcoming menu, and with two of our number out with Covid, three interviewees not showing up within hours of saying they were coming, and three new hires ignoring the fact that they were hired and failing to appear on their respective first days, we’re really just treading water at this point. In the ocean. With an empty flare gun and no ships on the horizon.

That may be a bit melodramatic, but I have to admit that my own mood swings range from feeling like The Thing That’s Supposed To Happen will happen in a nick of time, and everything will fall into place by the end of the episode, to feeling like it’s time to put plywood up over the windows and contact a commercial realtor. Today is somewhere in between, partly because I think we came up with a solid version of lemon chocolate upside-down cake, and partly because the wine tasting is all figured out for today.

Spacious skies, amber waves of grain

If you’d like to join us in person, I believe there are a couple of seats left, vacated by people fortunate enough to find a cooler place to visit for the holiday weekend, and if you’d like to join us by Zoom, here’s the link for that:

Topic: Independents Day
Time: Jul 2, 2022 02:00 PM Arizona

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 845 7198 4191
Passcode: 720360

And if you’d like to grab one last Feast version of a Reuben, or some goat and pork meatballs, or that millionaire’s shortbread that we make with crystallized ginger, sake and lemongrass, what with our continued Sunday shutdown, today’s your last chance at any of it, plus a few other dishes that will disappear from the menu come Tuesday.

If, on the other hand, you’ve had your fill and you want to stock up on wines that will accompany whatever grilling you’re brave enough to do on Monday, you’ve also got the day ahead of you to swing by and pick up wine at a deal:

Your summertime bargains

And with that, I’m off to seek out the okra that our produce company will only commit to *trying* to get us by Tuesday, and to pick up some poha to hold us over until that arrives on the 14th, and to ready ourselves for those upside-down cakes and dinner service tonight for those of you who’ll be holding down the fort here during the extended weekend. See you soon.

Offering you my very best on this birthday weekend of our weird nation,


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